test facebook in google event page

Google koledar

[calendar id="2950"]

Google koledar

[calendar id="2958"]

embed google koledar

embed google list

[fb_event_list fb_user_id="271243846262281" fb_time="upcoming, past, all" limit="10"] [fb_event_list fb_user_name="MCDDsop" fb_time="all"]

FB MC Patriot


[fb_event_list fb_user_id="210137505717438"]



  1. To display user's events by facebook user name use shortcode [fb_event_list] with attribute fb_user_name, example [fb_event_list fb_user_name="user_name"]
  2. To display user's events by facebook user_id use shortcode [fb_event_list] with attribute fb_user_id, example [fb_event_list fb_user_id="342353464567"]
  3. To display single event use shortcode [fb_event_list] with attribute fb_event_id, example [fb_event_list fb_event_id="4234464534534"]
  4. Optional attributes:
    • fb_time="upcoming, past, all" - Display upcoming, past or all user's events
    • limit="value" - limits the number of displayed user's events to a given value


[fts_facebook id=210137505717438 posts=5 height=600 px type=events]

[fts_facebook id=210137505717438 posts=5 height=600 px type=event]